”Feel good?”

“Feel good?” has come
to its 5th edition in
different locations 

“Feel Good?” is the Autogrill Group customer satisfaction project, designed in 2009 for the purpose of measuring the quality perceived by consumers in order to be in a position to develop targeted actions to improve the service, the products and the brand image.

The fifth edition of "Feel Good?" was completed in 2013: in selected locations in Italy, Belgium, France and the Netherlands, Autogrill asked its customers to fill out an online questionnaire on issues regarding the offering, the service, cleanliness and the atmosphere in the stores, while participating in a prize contest.. 53,647 consumers participated.

The results were used to provide a foundation for developing new solutions to increase customer satisfaction and better meet customer needs and expectations in every country and channel and for every type of traveler, ranging from the development of new products to the provision of employee training courses. In addition, this year it was possible to conduct a detailed analysis of the individual concepts in the different countries.

 BelgiumFranceItalyThe Netherlands*
N. of interviews 3,309 4,840 43,624 1,874
N. of locations involved 22 64 310 1
N. of interviews 2,135 6,496 29,389 1,786
N. of locations involved 18 71 229 1
N. of interviews 2,568 2,793 12,644 560
N. of locations involved 20 81 223 1

* Schiphol airport in Amsterdam

Villoresi Est

The Group's commitment to the development of excellent stores is measured by programs similar to this. In fact, for Villoresi Est, following the completion of the refurbishment project that made it an international best practice flagship for the Group in relation to sustainable innovation, the scores relative to customer satisfaction increased significantly, exceeding the "positive" level and thus reaching the "excellent" level, also in terms of promotion of the store ("would you recommend this store to someone?").