Assistance and control

In Italy the stores are constantly monitored, thanks to the implementation of an operations center that conducts remote video surveillance on all the stores to guarantee support, security and safety, especially during night hours, both to collaborators and customers. The system, which is currently operating in 200 locations, will gradually be extended to cover the entire network, particularly on the highways, where stores are open round the clock.

Autogrill Italia is actively involved in the Italian National Observatory of Sports Events at the Italian Ministry of the Interior, and it participates in the weekly meetings where, together with the several attending authorities, it plans shifts and stops along the highway network during the days in which the football matches of the Italian Serie A “take place.

Moreover, Autogrill Italia participates in the “Viabilità Italia” initiative, a national center that deals with road traffic congestion situations, set up by the Italian Ministry of the Interior and guided by the head of the Highway Police. The initiative is intended to plan the most effective action strategies during the heaviest summer holiday traffic days, preparing snow management plans and organizing security and safety measures for special events. In fact, in periods of peak traffic and according to high traffic flows, a steward and customer assistance service has been set up in the mostly heavily trafficked parking areas, including the presence of dedicated personnel or paramedic teams with ambulances.