Attention to stakeholders

The Group's attention towards its stakeholders is based on the values defined in the Code of Ethics, illustrating the guidelines that Autogrill intends to apply vis-à-vis each stakeholder. The guidelines specify priorities, principles and behaviors to adopt for the relationships to be established.

Monitoring external mechanisms, considering long term, global trends and listening to stakeholder requests are just a few examples of the activities that any enterprise today cannot afford to neglect if it intends to implement a sustainability-oriented approach.

In this scenario, Autogrill CSR Department (Corporate Social Responsability) plays an important role in promoting sustainability within the Group, by disseminating and supporting initiatives targeting ongoing improvement, on one hand, and facilitating communication with its stakeholders also through the drafting of a sustainability report on the other.

Autogrill for collaborators The Group promotes behavior based on dignity, protection
and respect of the rights of each individual. A daily
commitment that becomes manifest in the provision of healthy
and safe work environments, free of any type of discrimination,
favoring the potential of expression of each single individual.
The precise definition of the roles, responsibilities and powers
creates the necessary conditions for collaborators to make
decisions in the interest of the entire organization.
> see chapter “People - Collaborators" page 39.
Annual employee engagement survey
"Do you feel good?"
> see pages People - Collaborators
- Listening to improve
Autogrill for consumers The Group ensures its consumers compliance with specific
quality standards in all the processes involved in the provision
of products and services. The Group also promotes
understanding and listening to customer needs and
expectations as well as the development of innovative products
and services that can meet consumer needs over the long run.
> see chapter “People - Consumers" page 56.
Annual customer satisfaction survey
"Feel good?", ad hoc test and survey
and market research.
> see pages People - Consumers

Autogrill for suppliers The Group aims at favoring the creation of stable collaboration
relationships over the long term with its suppliers, with the
ultimate intention of creating reciprocal value. It therefore acts
with transparency, integrity, impartiality and contractual
fairness. In addition, it fosters the adoption of socially
responsible behavior by suppliers, privileging commercial
relationships with those entities that comply with the
international regulations and principles in the matter of
individual dignity, working conditions, health and safety.
> see chapter “Product - Partnerships with suppliers“ page 67.
Qualification processes
> see chapter “Product - Partnerships
with suppliers“;
Product - Food Monitoring and safety”.
Single collaborations in the development
of projects, products, services and ad
hoc equipment.
> inside the different sections
Autogrill for landlords and brand partners The Group collaborates with landlords and brand partners
to share the know-how acquired in the promotion and
management of the concession-related relationships. Through
an effective collaboration with landlords and partners the
Group reaches the highest level of stakeholder and consumer
> see chapter “Product - Partnerships with landlords“ page
66; “Product - Partnerships with brand partners“ page 64.
“Take a Look”, the quarterly newsletter
published by Autogrill and circulated to
250 landlords in Europe;
Single collaborations in the
development of projects, concepts and
ad hoc services.
> see chapter “Product - Partnerships
with landlords“; “Product -
Partnerships with top brand partners“; “Product - The factory of
Autogrill for the
shareholders and the
financial community
The Group intends to increase value for its Shareholders,
ensuring the Company’s financial solidity and providing
prompt, complete and transparent disclosures in relation to the
management and the strategies adopted.
The Company is interested in establishing and maintaining an
ongoing dialogue with its Shareholders, institutional investors
and financial analysts. To this end, in 1997 a dedicated
corporate function was developed: Investor Relations.
In 2013, the activities targeting
investors included analyst meetings,
conference calls, investor days and
road shows.
In addition, in relation to the spinoff
activity completed by the Group, in
2013 IR activities were planned and
implemented, so as to ensure a steady
and reliable flow of information
towards shareholders.
> see sections “Investor Relations” and
“Governance” on the Company's
website (
Autogrill for local communities The Group promotes dialogue with local communities in the
areas in which it operates by developing projects of mutual
interest or information campaigns on specific issues, aimed at
improving quality of life and protecting the environment. In
this context, Autogrill also takes into account the requests and
expectations of the non-profit associations and organizations
operating in the social services sector with open and
proactive relationships and dialogue.
> see chapter “People - Local communities" page 60.
Support and inclusiveness projects
> see chapter “People - Local
Autogrill for the environment The Group promotes innovative projects in order to involve
stakeholders in achieving sustainability, protection and care
of the natural environment. It defines strategies to reduce its
carbon footprint and invests in research and development of
solutions that enhance the quality of the environment. In this
context, Autogrill also takes into account the requests and
expectations of the non-profit associations and organizations
operating in the environmental protection field with open and
proactive relationships and dialogue.
> see chapter “Planet” page 83.
Support and inclusiveness projects
> see chapter “Planet”  

The dialogue between the Group and its stakeholders enables the identification of the key issues to propose. This triggers a virtuous cycle that favors the development of projects that feed the process of innovation and the creation of added value. The concept of added value is the basis for the interpretation of the financial highlights contained in the document "Annual Report and Financial Statements" from the perspective of the stakeholders. It also makes it possible to understand the economic impacts that the company produces.

The calculation of the value added measures the value created by Autogrill in the year, its distribution among the Group's stakeholders and what is retained by the company.



Autogrill Economic value re-distribution

La ridistribuzione del valore economico