Autogrill Group challenges for the future. L'Afuture Roadmap (2012-2015)

Le sfide Autogrill per il futuro

To Autogrill, sustainability is an ongoing and progressive commitment, as shown by the numerous objectives achieved through the Afuture project.

Today, sustainability is a true challenge: an innovation path punctuated by objectives to reach through the Afuture Roadmap.

The Sustainability Roadmap provides the strategic orientation to supplement a sustainable approach in the management of business operations in the two sectors, defining improvement and innovation objectives for the Group companies in order to identify, design and implement sustainable actions.

The Roadmap’s primary aim is to define areas for improvement of the Group’s performance and promote, inside and outside the organization, an approach targeting process, product and service innovation, with the ultimate goal of achieving sustainability while satisfying stakeholder expectations.

Integrating a sustainable approach with operating activities means implementing a strategic vision and maintaining a consistent orientation towards improvement and innovation. The determination of sustainability objectives accelerates the development of ancillary processes and activities, highlighting the need for greater alignment between the multiple situations that the Group is currently facing.

For this purpose a broad and well-structured framework was identified and defined, enabling the Group to have a clear and integrated vision of what sustainability is to Autogrill: the Group Sustainability Policy.

Afuture Framework is the strategic framework of reference for Autogrill’s actions, introducing the Policy and summarizing it while defining it also at the operational level in combination with the ancillary activities.

The strategic level defines sustainability in terms of Vision, Mission and Values, from which the three areas - People, Product and Planet – that the Autogrill Group considers priorities were identified.

Specific drivers were also identified within each area, detailing the areas of application of the Policy, supported by the Roadmap.

Support tools were developed to favor and assist in the implementation of the operating activity framework, including monitoring and reporting activities, training and communication.

The definition of a Sustainability Policy for Autogrill Group was an important step in disseminating its vision in all the countries in which it operates.

Contained in the Policy, the Roadmap details the sustainability objectives for the 2012-2015 threeyear span and also establishes a series of parameters useful both for sustainability reporting and the Group’s strategic and management processes.

Moreover, in this continuously evolving context it is important to constantly update the Roadmap, taking into account any changes in the scenario of reference within the Group, as well as any external developments.

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Afuture Framework

Afuture Framework