The best service for different needs

The broad range of services offered by the Group meets the needs of the different types of consumers, including children, families, differently able individuals, business people, truck drivers, bikers and people travelling with their pets. For this reason different solutions have been developed to meet consumer demand.

The Autogrill Group aims at making the traveler’s day better. For this reason, it offers solutions for every type of traveler.

In Italy, for people travelling with small children, Autogrill set up baby rooms in 16 stores, and recreational spaces tailor-made for toddlers, with pint-sized tables and chairs, games, videogames and large-screen TVs showing cartoons. At the European level characters have been developed for children to play during the meals as well as gadgets for the smaller guests. Specifically for families, HMSHost launched a parallel program for children with menus and entertaining games in addition to options aimed at increasing the spending power of families with children.

In Italy, the Trucker Club was implemented in 22 stores for truck drivers, including a completely freeof- charge service package (shower, video surveillance parking, entertainment areas with pay TV), tailored to the needs of this specific category.

In partnership with Ducati and Dainese, the Bikers Club was launched to offer specially designed services to motorcyclists. 13 locations feature futuristic parking areas and sometimes relaxation areas, where it is possible to comfortably perform stretching exercises.

For people travelling with their pets there are 18 Fidoparks in stations along Italy’s most heavily trafficked highway routes: these spaces, specifically designed to let pets play outdoors, were developed in collaboration with Amicopets and A.N.M.V.I.

(Associazione Nazionale Medici Veterinari Italiani).

Among the services offered in the United States to meet consumer demand, HMSHost developed Freedom to Choose, a web-based, in-house platform, made available to all network collaborators, which provides them with the possibility of more quickly preparing ad hoc recipes based on the specific requests made by customers or according to regional trends. The project was worth the "Operator Innovations Award" from the National Restaurant Association as "Top Innovator" in the "Menu Development" category and it further confirms HMSHost's engagement in continuously fine-tuning consumer experience.

Considering the fundamental collaborator-consumer interaction and with a view to targeting customer satisfaction, Autogrill Spain launched two initiatives which proved to be as best practices: “Service Feedback” and “Speed & Good”.

Every two months the store manager fills out a "Service Feedback" check list for each store employee. The check list envisages the scoring of 10 key steps making up the service provided to customers - from customer greeting to presence and speed - which will later be discussed with the employee in question during an informal meeting.

The feedback is aimed at orienting each employee towards improving both customer service and the working environment.