The Group puts great emphasis on certifications, testifying to the success of its management models and a motivation to improve.

In Italy, in 2013 the ISO9001 certifications on Quality Management Systems and the UNI 10854 certifications were maintained. The ISO22000 on Food Safety (for the Milan offices, the Giovi Ovest store and the Orio al Serio airport) was renewed and the Social Accountability 8000 Ethical Certification for Autogrill S.p.A. is still valid.

The offices of Telefonica in Madrid obtained the renewal of the ISO 22000 certification on the Food Safety Management System.

Villoresi Est obtained the Design for All seal, released by the Design for All Italia Association, a certification for projects that fully meet the requirements of excellence in accessible design.
The Design for All principles were used for the development of the Villoresi Est store, a building that has totally eliminated access barriers and features high quality services for all types of travelers making a stop (families, businessmen, truckers, women, differently able individuals, etc.). The elimination of the architectural, perceptual and cultural barriers and the definition of an innovative interior design generate a next generation shopping experience that enhances freedom, safety and easy mobility for all travelers (see page 90 for Villoresi Est environmental certifications).