Coffee stories

The "Storie di Caffé" initiative began in 2012 and continues throughout Europe with the launch of the new coffee blend developed in collaboration with Kimbo, the Specialist Coffee Tasters and consumers.

“Storie di Caffè” intends to be more than just a cafeteria range offered by Autogrill. It is a comprehensive coffee experience combining the sense of taste, smell and sight, i.e. all the sensorial components linked to the quality of a cup of coffee, with the professionalism and competence of the baristas. This led to an initiative which has given everyone a chance to write and post his/her own story or drawing on Autogrill sugar sachets.

Celebrating employee talent is key to Autogrill. In particular, in Spain, since 2011 two contests are launched annually to choose the best barista and the best beer drawer in the network. Everybody can participate in the contests and the three best employees in each field, in addition to receiving a prize, are chosen as trainers for the subsequent year, so that they can pass on their skills to other colleagues. In 2013 the contest for the best barista asked participants to develop a new coffee recipe. At the end of the contest, the three best recipes were included in the Storie di Caffè offering and it was advertised that the recipes had been developed by Autogrill employees. Consumers responded very positively.