Commitments, progress and objectives reached

As to the activities connected to the three strategic areas - People, Product and Planet – the Group has reached important objectives over time and will continue its commitment in the future, in pursuit of the objectives indicated in the Roadmap.

In 2013 the program for the identification of the level of
employee engagement through the "Do you feel good?"
survey was continued. Thanks to the outcomes of the past
edition an action plan analyzing the opportunities for improvement
was developed.
See section A-people
In 2013 Customer Satisfaction continues to be assessed
through the "Feel good?” survey, designed to measure the
level of quality perceived by customers. The survey served
the objective of developing targeted and structured
marketing plans.
See page "Feel good?"
For the process of assessing competencies and performances,
the same system adopted by the Group, based on an
automated online tool, was extended to various countries
(United States, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, the
Netherlands and the corporate offices), thus enabling comprehensive
transparency and ongoing accessibility. In
2014 the system will also be extended to other main
European countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).
See page Ongoing training
Ongoing commitment to ensuring a healthy and safe work
environment, by further decreasing the number of accidents
at the Group level through prevention and training actions
as well as the implementation of new technology and tools.
Consolidation of a more standardized monitoring phase
thanks to the dissemination of the Afuture Roadmap.
See page Health and Safety
DONATIONS Support to communities, in particular through donations in
kind, specifically food left over at the end of the day in the
stores or at the warehouse.
See page Local Community
To Autogrill the "Factory of Concepts" means the
combination of trend analyses that emerge from the markets
with the in-depth knowledge of the requests derived from
consumers, landlords and brand partners in order to design
innovative concepts that match our customers' tastes and
satisfy travelers through a mix of design, offering and
services provided in the different channels in which the
Group operates.
See page The factory of concepts
SUSTAINABLE DIET In recent years the Autogrill Group has increasingly
concentrated on activities aimed at promoting healthy and
balanced lifestyles also thanks to quality food. Partnerships
represent the starting point for the development of a
sustainable diet. A self-explanatory example is the
collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Sciences
in Pollenzo, Italy, or that with the Culinary Institute of
America in the United States.
See page The factory of concepts
The Autogrill Group distinguishes itself for the constant
attention paid to the quality of the offering through welldefined
supplier selection processes and service control in
the stores.
See page Nutrition and diet
PACKAGING European mapping of the categories and packaging
products ("consumables"), consumables optimization
activity including the revision - in a sustainable key - of the
triangular plate for pizza made of poly-coupled plasticized
See page Design for All
PLANETCONSUMPTION Ongoing focus on reducing energy and water consumption
in the different countries in which the Group operates
through the creation of management systems, the
application of energy efficient technologies and
collaborations with partners.
See page Resource management
INVOLVEMENT Being aware of the fundamental role played by collaborators
in the correct management of stores, the Group organizes
different initiatives to increase their involvement and raise
their awareness in relation to eco-sustainability.
See page Environmental Culture
Also in relation to the management of waste and materials,
the Group implements sustainability through projects
developed at the country level to optimize the opportunities
offered by local administrations, landlords and commercial
See page Materials
CERTIFICATIONS To date, the Group has obtained 17 LEED certifications in
the world, specifically: 12 LEED Gold certified buildings
and 5 LEED Silver certified buildings in Canada, the US
and Italy. The Group also obtained environmental
certifications for specific individual stores in other countries,
including ISO 14001, EMAS, BBC - Bâtiment Basse
Consommation, HQE and Haute Qualité Environnementale.
See page Environmental Certifications

In the future, the Group will continue to pursue the targets established in the Roadmap