Corporate welfare and work life balance

The Autogrill Group operates in a market that requires great flexibility. Successfully managing daily, weekly and seasonal peaks while always remaining strongly focused on customer care requires complex planning.

The key idea is to translate the need for continuous flexibility into an opportunity to balance private life and professional needs through the provision of part-time contracts, work schedule planning and post-maternity programs.

A breakdown of collaborators by age brackets is also important, because it makes it possible to integrate the type of job and the level of engagement requested with the different needs of the various generations.

To facilitate effective work life balance over the long term the Group is committed to developing various initiatives addressing the issue. Attention to each employee and his/her wellbeing is not limited to the management of working hours, but instead takes into consideration all those elements that contribute to improving the quality of people’s lives and leads the Group to work on different themes and initiatives that involve people both as employees (recruitment processes, development plans, training) and as individuals (wellbeing and health, family, social commitment and environmental protection).

In the United States, HMSHost administrative personnel may work on a home office basis, depending on specific needs and projects.

Collaborators in Italy are given the opportunity to rely – in accordance with the trade unions – on a formula that allows for part time work until their child is 36 months old. New mothers are given concrete support through the preparation and dissemination of maternity kits and the development of the maternity tutor. In Italy, starting in 2007, special agreements were stipulated with nurseries located in proximity of the offices or along the main access routes. The agreement envisages the payment of approximately 50% of the monthly fee by the company.

Also, in other European countries efforts were made to introduce flexible working hours, favoring new mothers' re-entry into the job market.

Many other services are offered to employees working in other Group companies:

  • In the United States, the headquarters feature a fitness center with showers for employees who wish to exercise or who come to work by bike.
  • In Italy, various services are offered, including tax advisory services for compiling returns (including forwarding to the competent authority), car insurance facilitations, special agreements with spas and other fitness centers, the possibility of having seasonal anti-flu vaccinations free of charge through the national health system (in 2013 approximately 350 doses of vaccine were distributed), the Help Desk for children and elderly, partnerships with other companies for the purchase of products and services at discounted prices and online temporary shops with direct delivery to the workplace offered at substantially reduced prices
  • collaborators at the headquarters in Italy are given the means to take advantage of special in-house services: there are dry-cleaning, shoe repair and dressmaking shops on site, and theatre tickets can be purchased at reduced prices, etc.

90% of Group collaborators have a permanent employment contract
61% of Group personnel are women 

In addition, the "Good for me" project is still available at the Italian headquarters.

Launched at the beginning of 2011 to promote healthier lifestyles, the project envisages the preparation of balanced menus at the headquarters’ Ciao restaurant, the organization of meetings with experts and online columns and advisory services provided by a nutritionist directly in the workplace at a reduced cost. For the network, online columns are available on the Company’s Aconnect intranet portal, with insights on diet as well as the “Ask the expert” section for specialist advice are available. The project also includes initiatives that promote physical exercise, including a corporate bike sharing service (with an indication of the bike paths closest to the offices in Milan), access to changing rooms equipped with showers and free medical certificates of good physical condition for collaborators to promote physical exercise.

  • In Spain, a number of agreements have been stipulated with the local private health structures, offering significant savings and benefits to all our collaborators and their families. Our colleagues in Spain can also take advantage of discounts on insurance policies and theatre tickets. Lastly, the sales force can attend free training courses designed to improve their skills and knowledge in the area of customer service.