Creating value from people to people

Autogrill views sustainability as a responsible stance towards society, the environment and economic growth. The Autogrill Group is focused on maintaining dialogue with and commitment towards the local communities with which it interacts through the development of projects of common interest. The objective is to contribute to improving quality of life and protect the environment.

Despite the unfavorable macro-economic scenario, Autogrill Group continued its support of non-profit associations operating at the local, national and international level through donations in money by Group companies (direct contributions), funds raised thanks to consumer, employee and partner awareness campaigns (indirect contributions) and donations of food products and/or material goods used in the normal management of stores, thus providing concrete and immediate assistance to numerous associations (contribution in kind and services). In this way, a value-creating cycle and relationship is established between the company and its collaborators, partners and consumers.

In order to understand the relationship with the local community from the standpoint of business sustainability, in the last year Autogrill has made a contribution to the development of projects related to the Food&Beverage segment. This means through the donation of food and meals to associations that are directly in contact with needy people or to organizations that act as mediators between restaurants and food service companies and non-profit organizations operating in the social assistance sector.

In 2013, donations in kind involved various local and national food banks, particularly in Italy and the United States. Autogrill Italia renewed its commitment to the needy through the donation of food products, mainly donated to associations like Fondazione Banco Alimentare and other groups that are very active and present at the national level.

In the United States, HMSHost collaborates with Food Donation Connection, developing programs for the donation of food products from the stores the property stores. Food Donation Connection is a private US company that acts as a bridge between restaurants and food service companies willing to donate excess and local associations operating in the social assistance sector, which distribute the food to the needy. Over 130 locations including airports, numerous stores located on the highways and malls participate in the program.
In 2013, 136 associations re-distributed approximately 3 million meals (including sandwiches, fruit salads, etc.).

Improve quality
of life and protect
the environment 

Many direct and indirect donations refer to long term partnerships with associations and foundations dealing with medical assistance and research, like the American Cancer Society, assistance to children (the Children’s Miracle Network and the Tim Horton Children's Foundation which, thanks to the generous contribution made by consumers received over euro 150,000 and about euro 20,000, respectively), but also social-cultural organizations like Friends of the Library of Hawaii, a non-profit organization, whose primary objective is to support free public libraries in the State of Hawaii. In addition, Autogrill Group selects other forms of assistance to associations from year to year, keeping an eye out for emergencies such as, for instance, the donation in support of the people hit by the hurricane Sandy in New Jersey.

In Spain, Autogrill selected Aladina Foundation, a private non-profit foundation providing support for children and teenagers with cancer and their families, helping them materially, psychologically and emotionally. The initiative consisted of an instore communication campaign, aimed at informing customers about the foundation and its activities and helping them to find new supporters.

Another initiative launched in Spain involved participation in the “Solidarity Business Day” promoted by the “International Cooperation”, a non-profit association dedicated to the promotion of social engagement, which resulted in ten collaborators from the headquarters and the network participating in a voluntary service day with “Territorios Vivos”, an association promoting environmental protection.

“Do you Feel good?” also provided an opportunity to support Actionaid in relation to a project linked to nutrition. For each questionnaire filled out, Autogrill donated one euro, which ensured a balanced meal to a child for one week.

On the occasion of Christmas 2013 and in collaboration with the Coca Cola Company, the "Perfect Menu" Xmas Edition was proposed to consumers in 380 Acafés and Snack Bars of the Autogrill network. A portion of the revenues from this project was donated to the Italian Red Cross to support the homeless.