Design for All

Travelers place great importance on services and the physical spaces and demand differ depending on the type of traveler. Habitual customers, including truck drivers, families, children, the differently able, pets, bikers and business people, are only a portion of the population that comes into contact with Autogrill every day. They want more comfortable, more functional and basically more attractive and relaxing interiors, so that stopping becomes a pleasant experience, with modern furniture, better lighting, attention to materials used and more comfortable chairs, tables and stools, all welcome amenities for travelers. To this end, Autogrill Italia pays special attention to the needs of these customers when developing new stores. The Mensa di Ravenna and Villoresi Est stores have been certified by the “Design for All” association for their special care in making every service accessible and today the Group tries to implement the best practices learnt from the development of these new stores, replicating, wherever possible, a design that follows the same guidelines.

In addition to the important innovative features in terms of carbon footprint (see chapter on page 87) and the strong emphasis on the sustainability of the offering (see chapter on page 73), one of the key characteristics of Villoresi Est is its complete accessibility. The store was fully refurbished according to the Design For All and Dasa Rägister principles through a precise design of its interior layout, furniture and equipment as well as services, parking areas and signs. The store's interior design was developed taking the different specific needs of travelers into account (business people, families, women, truck drivers, children, the elderly, differently able individuals, sight-impaired individuals, etc.) and information about the project was collected in a dedicated book written by Luigi Bandini Buti, president of the Design for All Italia association. 
"This book stems from the collaboration with Autogrill, when the project for the Villoresi Est location was still in development. We were becoming aware of the fact that paying attention to "everybody" would result in having "many" excluded. Therefore, it seemed that it was worth disseminating information about the key advantages of the design, making the results known to the public." Luigi Bandini Buti, President of the Design for All Italia Association. 

Other services focus on the different target customers of the point of sale, starting from families with children, for whom two play areas were designed (one inside and one outside the building), dedicated and balanced menus at the Ciao restaurant and a baby bottle warmer. For business travelers, Villoresi Est offers an “office on the move” service featuring green Wi-Fi, sockets for recharging PCs and mobile phones and a business center with two conference rooms with projectors, microphones, printers and catering service.

Truck drivers stopping at Villoresi Est have access to free parking with over 60 parking places, safe and illuminated paths, dedicated video surveillance that allows them to always keep an eye on their truck, toilets equipped with showers, hair dryers, a washing machine and tumble dryer, as well as vending machines for cleaning products. In addition, there is a fitness area with stretching equipment, a picnic area with tables and benches, a Fido Park with green dog run, water, shade and litter area for pets travelling with their owners.
"Autogrill decided to develop the project in an undoubtedly innovative way, by establishing a heterogeneous working team... in order to first of all listen to consumer needs and try then to find a solution".
Andrea Stella, Design for All Italia and President of Spirito di Stella Onlus


Afuture Roadmap (2012-2015)

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