The factory of concepts

The Group demonstrates flexibility as it adjusts to the different needs of the various countries in which it operates, with increasingly demanding customers, by creating or renewing its concepts. The Autogrill Group offering is distinguished by a great strength: the ongoing innovation of the products and services offered along with the cross-cultural stimuli within the Group.

In the last years great emphasis was put on enhancing two aspects of the relation with the customer:

  • "customer centricity", which puts consumer experience at the center of the design of the products and services, developing new models and formulas around their needs; 
  • the pursuit of the "sense of place" in the proposal of the new concepts, linking food&beverage stores with the aesthetic and culinary traditions of the regions in which they are located. In this way a sense of authenticity, identity and belonging is conveyed to consumers.

Today, customers want to be more actively involved in creating the offering and devising services.

Today, customers are less willing to make do with standardization and want to be more and more emotionally engaged in the consumption experience. They would like an offer that can be tailored to their taste and the possibility of discovering typical recipes of the places they visit.

The increasing attention to visiting new places, regions and, last but not least, the attention to the environment helped Autogrill to develop in the last years, in line with current market trends and consumer orientation, concepts increasingly oriented towards sustainability, because sustainability is also part of listening.