Governance structure

Autogrill is organized according to a traditional system:

  • Shareholders' Meeting; 
  • Board of Directors, which appoints a Chairman and a CEO; 
  • Board of Auditors.

The members of these boards and the corporate officers are supported by the following committees and functions:

  • Internal Audit Committee, responsible for risk management and Corporate Governance; 
  • Human Resources Committee; 
  • Committee for Strategies and Investments; 
  • Committee for Related Parties Transactions; 
  • Director responsible for internal audit and risk management; 
  • Executive responsible for the drafting of the accounting documents; 
  • Supervisory Board established from within the Board; 
  • Director responsible for internal audit for Autogrill; 


Struttura di governance Autogrill

All the persons and the Committees playing an active role in the Group's corporate governance management take concrete actions in order to maintain the highest standards in terms of correctness and transparency in the management of the business and in the valuation of risks and opportunities.