Innovation and technology


To be effective and efficient innovation needs to be standardized.
Route to Innovation” is the innovation program that, through a series of internal events (on technology, sustainability and business results) in recent years has enabled the Group to launch and implement different initiatives and projects regarding products and services specifically targeted to its customers.
One of the outcomes of this program was the Cross.In - Innovation lab project, which brought international, cross-functional teams together to generate innovative ideas on concepts and products.

The “think tank at work” of Innovation & Technology lead to the multidevice application “Vyaggio”, launched early in 2012 (which won the FAB Award as Best Digital/Media Initiative in 2013).

Downloadable on smart phones and accessible via web, Vyaggio enables fast access to and identification of the Group’s points of sale. It is currently available in 6 languages and includes information relative to the stores in 18 countries around the world, broken down by channel (highway, airport, railway station, ...), type of request (Sleep, Healthy, Shopping, Coffee, Pizza, Sandwiches, Food, Drinks), and service offered (Free Wi-Fi, Electric Sockets, Meeting Rooms, Shower, WC, Post Office, Play Area for Pets,...). The strong point about Vyaggio is the possibility of distributing coupons and promotions relative to individual stores, thus enabling consumers to save money and meeting their need to increase value obtained.

Beside Vyaggio, B4 YOU BOARD is another free app worth mentioning, letting departing travelers from the most famous airports in the US order their menu in advance, directly via phone, and then collect it at the point of sale or directly at the boarding gate.