Listening to improve

A clear and well-structured social responsibility policy focused on the relations that an organization develops with its collaborators can result in benefits to its competitive edge. Collaborators represent the human capital of the organization itself, i.e. the combination of skills, knowledge, competencies and professionalism that characterize and distinguish the organization.

Any collaborator faced with a customer represents the Company itself, the Company’s business philosophy, its know-how and its attitude towards the environment. This is why the relationship between Autogrill Group and its collaborators is a strategic element and a fundamental variable in creating and sharing value. Satisfied customers are the very best promotional tool any company can have.

In the modern social scenario, where one-way communications appear anachronistic and are being extensively replaced by a wide range of tools that promote involvement, sharing and the codevelopment of contents, employee engagement is a fundamental lever in managing resources in the long term. And defining clear objectives that also take into account employee needs and desires is another important lever to target innovation and engagement.

For the second consecutive year Autogrill decided to conduct the "Do you feel good ?" survey at the European level, with the objective of probing the level of employee engagement.
The questionnaire was structured to analyze the four areas considered key to express employee level of engagement. These are: 
Satisfaction: level of satisfaction that an individual obtains from his/her work within the organization; 
Advocacy: willingness to act as a promoter for the organization, conveying a positive image; 
Pride: pride and sense of belonging to the organization; 
Commitment: level of correspondence between the personal objectives of an individual and the objectives of an organization, represented by the desire and the motivation to remain in the company.

The first "Do you feel good?" people engagement survey, carried out in 2012, involved more than 22,000 people and approximately 800 stores in 13 countries and was translated in 10 different languages. The survey reached 67% redemption level with 15,084 questionnaires filled out, scoring 59% employee engagement.

Based on the outcomes, in 2013 each country and each store were involved in the development of an action plan through priority identification and planning, action implementation and work-inprogress monitoring. The project represented the starting point for an ongoing process of improvement, whose effectiveness will be measured from year to year through the repetition of the survey.

The very first outcome of the survey was a training campaign held in 2013 at the Italian Headquarters, entitled “Do they Feel good?”, designed to help team leaders fully comprehend what engagement means and which levers promote it.

The “Do you Feel good?” Results highlighted the following: 2012

Strong points Improvement opportunities...... action plan
Sense of belonging and
loyalty to the organization
Clearer and more transparent
See chapter "Importance of
Value importance and
attention to customers
Understanding everybody's role
and the impact on business
See chapter "People's
The attention of the
organization to health
and safety issues (see
chapter "Health and Safety"
page 51)
Communication of the company
vision at all levels
See chapter "Importance of

“People appreciated the fact that they were being listened to and that they were contributing to developing improvement plans.”
Domenico Abbruzzese, Store Manager Milan Central Railway Station

Moreover, based on 2012 results and on the annual customer satisfaction survey (see paragraph "Feel Good?" page 59) it was possible to identify an interesting correlation between customer satisfaction and employee engagement, which strengthened the belief that people are pivotal to the success of any organization and that people should always be the Group's first priority.

At the beginning of 2014, the second edition involved more than 21,400 of the Group's population, approximately 730 teams in 14 countries, posting a redemption rate of over 83% (16% more than in the past edition) with 17,893 questionnaires compiled, an extremely significant result testifying to the importance of this initiative.

This year, at the end of the questionnaire a final open question was included asking: "How would you improve work at Autogrill?" to further promote listening and employee engagement. The results from this second edition will be made available in 2014. Based on the process designed, an action plan will be developed to improve some items and consequently also the employee engagement index.

Other projects dedicated to listening vary from country to country. For instance, HMSHost provides a toll-free number, available 24/7, so that all employees in North America can air their grievances or concerns at any time, in addition to a web-based line for posting comments or questions. In Italy, too, two email addresses are made available to all employees. One is dedicated to Social Accountability 8000, where collaborators can post any comments in relation to work ethics, and the other is for communicating any stressful situations at work.

In 2013 a new initiative was launched targeting outgoing personnel, in order to understand the main reasons for leaving, trace them and use them for ongoing improvement. At present, the project is only limited to the Corporate level and the Italian headquarters but projections are to extend it to the main European countries in 2014.

Do you Feel good?
the second edition involved over 21,400 people