The Mystery Client

The need to monitor the quality of the service and therefore improve the offering led Autogrill Group to introduce the “Mystery Client”. The Mystery Client is an employee who is responsible for assessing quality and who visits the stores incognito, posing as a normal customer.

In 1999 Autogrill introduced the “Mystery Client” throughout Europe. The Mystery Client has become an effective element over the years, adopted in many countries in which the Group operates.

Thanks to operating controls carried out on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis in the Group stores – franchises included – Mystery Clients monitor service quality and customer orientation.

In 2013, the areas monitored by Mystery Clients in Italy were in line with those surveyed through customer satisfaction (see subsequent paragraph relating to Feel Good?). These are therefore more focused on customer experience, following the customer-oriented approach that characterizes Autogrill's new way of doing business.

After the visits, carried out by an independent company, an assessment form on the store visited is filled out. The results are then promptly communicated to the main offices and store managers for the purpose of designing improvement actions.

The Mystery Client’s findings (coupled with those of the customer satisfaction surveys) are also entered in the MBO system of network and headquarters directors and managers.

In the United States there is a thorough control program mainly focused on quality and food safety.

The audits, carried out by an outside company, are based on the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Food Guide. Each store is inspected at least twice every year and the Quality Control department reviews each audit and follows up the implementation of the improvement plan. The results are used to develop action plans and are linked to the MBOs at the level of each single store