Organization structure (3)

Organization structure Autogrill

Autogrill Group’s structure reflects its multinational nature, developed through successful acquisitions in Europe and America.

The Leadership Team, composed of Staff Leaders and Business Leaders, reports to the CEO of the parent company. The Staff Leaders are responsible for the Group's different orientation and control functions (corporate functions). The Business Leaders are responsible for the different geographic areas (Italy, other European countries, North America, rest of the world). The business units manage the operating levers according to objectives and guidelines defined by the corporate functions of Autogrill S.p.A., the parent company. The corporate functions play a strategic orientation role, including the definition of the Group’s standards and policies, promotion of their implementation, exchange of best practices and co-ordination of the Group’s planning initiatives.

In 2013 Autogrill further consolidated its support functions to Operations of the F&B Europe Region (or central F&B Europe) which reports directly to the corresponding Corporate functions, managing the main processes of support to the Operations of the countries/sub-regions as well as providing orientation in business decisions (Business Development, Marketing, Purchases).

3. The company names are updated at March 2014.