Partnerships with suppliers

Establishing good relations with suppliers is essential to obtaining products and services that consistently meet customer expectations. As in any business sector or corporate process, supplier selection is principally based on the search for quality, flexibility and maximum professionalism. Raw material (food and non-food) procurement and selection is key for the continuity of Autogrill’s business, as well as the selection of partnerships: relations with the Group’s suppliers reflect directly on the quality of the products and services offered to consumers.

The strong focus on establishing sound relationships with its suppliers of goods and services (maintenance, cleaning, safety and security, etc.) is also expressed on an ethical level. For this reason the supplier selection process is fully based on transparency according to the Group's Code of Ethics, the General Purchase Conditions and the Company's specific procedures developed for each single country. The US “Procurement Policy & Procedures” policy was developed in order to guarantee equal opportunities and also allow small local businesses to be included in the HMSHost supplier list without discrimination (based on size, gender, nationality, religion, race, etc.). At the end of 2013, HMSHost stipulated a new partnership with a new operator for purchasing processes. The conditions envisaged in the agreement include the provision that no contracts shall be entered into with companies that violate human rights and workers’ rights, children's rights or that implement procedures that violate laws, regulations or directives.

In Italy, the Group puts great ethical emphasis on supplier selection. In Italy, the General Purchase Conditions stipulate that suppliers must comply with the Autogrill Code of Ethics and the indications set out in the Organizational Model pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree No. 231/2001.

Again in Italy, the Social Accountability 8000 certification – originally obtained in 2009 – marked a fundamental step for Autogrill in its commitment to the protection of human rights and workers’ rights, the fight against child labor and the guarantee of health and safety in the workplace along the entire supply chain. This certification enabled the Company to increasingly involve and engage its supply chain partners in relation to the protection of workers’ rights and also in relation to environmental issues, following the attainment of ISO 14001 certification. In fact, along the same lines, the Vendor platform was launched at the end of 2012 to manage supplier qualification and pre-qualification. Suppliers were asked to complete a questionnaire including 28 specific questions on SA8000.

Marie Stella Maris
A best practice on water supply comes from the Dutch airport of Schiphol. HMSHost decided to stock Marie Stella Maris water brand in a large number of the stores managed at the airport of Schiphol (approximately 70). Following a tender which involved different suppliers, Marie Stella Maris was selected not only because it offered the best price, but also because their mission is crystal clear: "Drink Water Give Water", for each liter of water sold, euro 0.05 is donated to a foundation engaged in bringing drinkable water to populations which do not have access to it. The increasing attention to sustainability on the side of consumers (particularly in the North European markets) and airport landlords contributed to making this initiative successful. It is also worth underlining that the bottles are made of 50% recycled PET.