Eco-sustainability is the pre-eminent challenge for people all over the world: environmental issues are becoming increasingly critical in every development process, involving all the people, the industries and the institutions in the world and calling for the implementation of measures targeted to protecting natural resources and ensuring their availability for future generations.

Therefore, it is necessary to pursue business models that enable the recovery and reconstruction of natural resources already heavily impacted in their ability to reproduce themselves. Acting with a view to protecting the environment means foreseeing the adaptation of complex processes and the monitoring of different aspects: the need for energy from renewable sources, the correct disposal of waste and controlled consumption.

For the purpose, a series of actions and changes in people's habits and lifestyles are deemed necessary, and to be effective, the collaboration of the public, the organizations and the institutions of the entire world is of the utmost importance. An economic development compatible with ecosustainability and the preservation of natural resources can only be successful if it is based on an effectively sustainable development policy that ensures that future generations will be able to benefit from our same privileges.

To Autogrill, the commitment towards the environment translates into ongoing research on cutting edge technologies and innovative solutions, including geothermal and photovoltaic generators that can substantially reduce the use of traditional energy sources, as well as the implementation of new low-impact equipment in the stores. A key aspect in this respect is the re-design and implementation of new sustainable concepts, reinventing store interiors with natural and eco-compatible furniture and service differentiation to include eco-friendly products. Autogrill stores also play an important role in acting as communication channels to convey a message of environmental responsibility. Protecting the environment also means disseminating a new culture and a new approach to products and consumption; fostering new attitudes, small daily actions that ensure a better future without impacting quality of life.

Autogrill Group, though not operating in an industry with a high environmental impact, firmly believes that we must reduce our consumption of energy, water and raw materials and favor the use of clean and renewable sources and recycled materials with a lower carbon footprint. This also means reacting promptly to increasingly emerging market needs.

Reduced carbon footprint,
lower resource consumption,
waste management