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The Autogrill Sustainability Report is a technical document summarizing what the Group has accomplished during the year and, more in general, the actions undertaken in terms of sustainability.

It also represents a moment of reflection about the path undertaken and the progress made and identification of social and environmental improvement areas for the future.

The objective is to convey the complexity and richness of the Autogrill universe, channeling information about its social and environmental performance to meet needs regarding knowledge and interpretation of those assets that are considered key for the ongoing improvement of the company’s management.

In 2004 Autogrill drafted its first internal document to trace the Group's position on social and environmental issues. In 2005, the Group made the first steps towards official reporting and disclosure of social and environmental information to all of its stakeholders through the annual publication of its Sustainability Report.

How to read the Autogrill 2013 Sustainability Report

With a view to providing the most comprehensive and exhaustive overview of the Group's activities, the Sustainability Report concentrates on three key areas defined as strategic for Autogrill business: “People”, “Product” and “Planet”. Divided in chapters, the Sustainability Report illustrates the Group's approach to each single area and includes details about the initiatives undertaken in all the countries in which the Group operates.

In addition to text, wherever applicable, petals of Autogrill Afuture philosophy have been added, to highlight the links between the three key areas - “People”, “Product” and “Planet”. In this way, the impacts resulting from the Group's sustainability activities and the interaction with all business aspects are thoroughly illustrated. In fact, sustainability is a virtuous cycle of interrelated behaviors.

This Sustainability Report was prepared and drafted thanks to the invaluable contribution of all the colleagues, who collaborate in collecting data and information made of public domain for the benefit of all readers.

Guidelines for the drafting of the Sustainability Report

Autogrill drafts its Sustainability Report according to the international Global Reporting Initiative (GRIG3) principles. The standard calls for self-assessment of the same, broken down in three levels (A, B and C in decreasing order). The Autogrill Group has achieved a “B checked” status. The table including all references to the indicators taken into account is reported on page 112 and the verification of the self-assessment by Global Reporting Initiative is reported on page 119.

The Report was drafted according
to the Global Reporting Initiative
international principles

Drafting criteria for the definition of the content to be included in the Sustainability Report

In line with GRI-G3 Global Reporting Initiative standard, Autogrill defines the content to be included in the Sustainability Report according to the following drafting criteria: Materiality: information in the Report includes topics and indicators that may reasonably be considered important in determining the organization’s economic, environmental, and social impacts, or influencing the decisions of stakeholders.

Completeness: this step involves examining all economic, social and environmental aspects relative to the main geographic areas in which the Group operates, to enable stakeholders to assess the performance in the period of reference.

Stakeholder inclusiveness: the Report identifies the Group stakeholders and explains to what extent the latter's expectations and interests were fulfilled..

Sustainability context: the Report illustrates Group performance with reference to sustainability.

Perimeter and sources of information

The quantitative and qualitative data and information contained in this Report make reference to Autogrill S.p.A. and its subsidiaries as at 31 December 2013, unless otherwise specified. The economic-financial data is derived from the Hyperion system (which utilizes automated procedures providing periodic consolidation of accounting data and the preparation of reporting documents – Reports and Financial Statements), while all the other information regarding the organization and the environment is contained in the Sustainability Package, the reporting system through which the Group collects information and data regarding sustainability from the different countries according to GRI-G3 guidelines.

The amounts indicated in this document are expressed in euro millions or thousands or m€ and k€, respectively (unless otherwise specified), and indication is given as to when the aggregated data is a result of estimates.

Due to the partial proportional spinoff of Autogrill S.p.A., completed on 1 Oct. 2013 and resulting in the transfer of Travel Retail & Duty Free to World Duty Free S.p.A. (listed on the Mercato Telematico Azionario managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A.), information and data published in the Sustainability Report 2013 only refer to Food&Beverage and do not include Travel Retail & Duty Free (Group data referring to 2012 and 2011 were consequently modified for comparison purposes and they thus differ from the data published in the Sustainability Reports of 2012 and 2011).