Solid partnerships

Autogrill features a broad portfolio of brands that can meet landlords' needs and live up to customers' expectations, while offering accountability, competence, quality and confidence to its commercial partners. At the same time, the Group provides a bridge to the travel channels for its brand partners.

In order to be an innovative, efficient and effective company, with a commercial offering that is always in line with market requirements, Autogrill has always acted in concert with partner brands, landlords and suppliers, building proactive and responsible relationships.

Over the years, the Group has built up genuine and enduring relations, which have helped not only to offer consumers high-quality products but also to extend knowledge and anticipate consumption trends. Thanks to this ongoing synergy, the Group continues to improve its offering, guaranteeing only high-quality products and respond proactively by anticipating trends.

“Our partnership is about trust and innovation: Autogrill embraces new concepts and challenges us to innovate, bringing ideas forward. This means that the outcome of the partnership is bigger than the sum of its parts”.
Cliff Burrows Group President Starbucks Americas, Emea and Teavana