Strategy and sustainability

Autogrill implements long term development strategies to translate the opportunities offered by the global dimension of the market in which it operates into value, while concurrently meeting stakeholders' demands and needs.

The trends and the acceleration of the international processes of change in the long term represent the global macro-scenario of Autogrill business activity, influencing its growth strategy and acting as a driving force for the internal processes of innovation and transformation of the operating models.

Among the transformations with a significant impact on Group development are:

  • mobility: travelling today is a far more affordable experience, a privilege that is well within reach of a much larger number of people than it was in the past. According to the estimates presented in the JATA (International Air Transport Association) 2012-2016 Airline Industry Forecast, the worldwide traveler growth rate is expected to increase by 5.3% on an annual basis, resulting in approximately 800 million more passengers (+28.5%) in 2016. To pursue growth targets, Autogrill has been adopting a modular strategy according to the geographic areas and channel of activity (from participation in tenders to joint ventures with local partners and product and concept innovation) through the implementation of development plans that take into account the differences between mature markets, where mobility is a consolidated phenomenon, and emerging markets, where it still represents a relatively new phenomenon.
  • the role of the airport: the evolution of travelling and the speed and comfort of the different means of transport has led to increased air traffic and to a transformation of airports from simple transit areas to true destinations themselves, characterized by a proposal of exclusive commercial and entertainment services that may not be found elsewhere. Therefore, the airport has now changed to become an "aerotropolis", a combination of city and airport, a service and social center, a new center of attraction that can be considered as a destination per se.
    Autogrill plays an active role in this field as a result of its multi-year experience in providing services to travelers and its ability to establish partnerships with landlords. Autogrill has, in fact, re-shaped travelers’ shopping experience in airports, enriching it with a variety of specialty foods conceived in its "concept factory".
    Autogrill intends to further develop the airport channel in the future as its main segment, as it offers both business and innovation opportunities; 
  • globalization: in a market scenario in which capital, information, talents and trade become increasingly intertwined, Autogrill is working to streamline the organization and corporate processes as well as improve operating efficiency by leveraging on the Group's knowhow and internal competencies with international teams and projects; 


Long term development prospects to transform opportunities into value


Special attention is paid to the renewal of the offering through the development of new concepts and the ongoing revision of the partner brand portfolio for the purpose of acquiring the most innovative and attractive brands on the market.

The Group is committed to streamlining the organization and its corporate processes, improving operating efficiency and investments by constantly monitoring progress in order to free up financial and managerial resources for pursuing further growth.

Maintaining a solid financial base is an essential condition for achieving the Group's objectives. Any opportunities for growth through acquisitions will be carefully evaluated in order to assess their congruence with the company's strategic goals in terms of geographic presence and channel diversification as well as their financial sustainability